Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tips on getting freebies online

I love freebies and samples. Its so fun to get little surprises in your mail. Currently, I have a basket in my linen closet that holds all of of toiletry freebies and its packed! We use them for travel, camping and guests. From time to time I weed it out and give it away. Today I received 2 full size Matrix hair products and a few weeks ago 2 tickets to the Detroit Lions. We've even received Cuisinart saute pans! Its so fun to find a surprise sitting in your mailbox!

Tips when requesting freebies/samples online:

1. ALWAYS use an alternative email address. Most will want to put you on their mailing list unless you request not to during the sign up process.

2. NEVER give out your home phone number or any personal information. I have no problem giving out my address, but don't give out my phone number or real birth date. It costs money for companies to mail you something so rarely, if ever, will you receive solicitations in the mail because of requesting freebies. They are more likely to call.

3. Be quick! Most samples are only available to a certain number of requests.

4. Be patient. It typically takes 4-8 weeks for something to arrive. Some things you sign up for, never will come. But most do if its a reputable company.

5. has an ongoing list of freebie items and they always come quickly. They never email and change their offers frequently. Simply go to and click on in stores now and then free samples.

Keep checking out this blog for sample and freebie listings!

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