Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Amazon Diaper Deal

Have you done the Amazon Diaper Deal yet? If not, hop on it! Right now you can score a big box of diapers for 70-90% off shipped right to your door from Amazon. Get all the details HERE.

Luvs (2 big boxes/2 separate transactions)
Retail $71.08
Paid $12.79 shipped

If you don't have the 3 codes from Parents or Parenting magazines to complete this deal, I have seen them selling on ebay for a few bucks per code. Even paying for the code makes it worth it. Also, Parents magazine is popular with Parents who have kids in or out of diapers, it doesn't hurt to ask friends, family and co workers for their copy. The codes start expiring on August 31, so you have time to hunt down a few magazines.

Remember to cancel your Amazon subscribe and save subscription unless you want to keep receiving diapers at full price.
What diapers did you purchase? Have they arrived yet?

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