Thursday, October 7, 2010

Parents: November Issue/Amazon Diaper deal

Word on the street is that the November issue of Parents magazine has another Amazon diaper code!!!! It is a lime green card with a unique code.

Coupon doesn't expire until 12/31, so we may be able to stack them again for SUPER CHEAP diapers if the December issue has another code and they allow stacking. Lets hope they do!

If you want to use the code now, you can receive 60% off diapers from with free shipping:
1) Sign up for Amazon Mom HERE
2) Choose the diapers you want to buy
3) Sign up for subcribe and save (30% off discount when you sign up)
4) Enter code from Parents magazine (20% off)
5) Enter code from Amazon Mom email (10% off)
**Make sure and cancel Subscribe and Save after your purchase or you will be billed and mailed diapers on a regular basis at full price. **

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