Sunday, February 6, 2011

Amazon Mom Diaper Deals

Remember the Amazon Mom diaper deal from a while back? Well, the deal is still going on and currently, you can score more diaper codes. This is a great way to save 30% or more on diapers and wipes everyday and have them delivered right to your door!!

What is Amazon Mom?

Amazon Mom is an program (Sign up with Amazon Mom HERE). It’s free. You’ll get an extra 30% off disposable diapers and wipes when you use Subscribe and Save (versus the 15% you save without Amazon Mom).

You’ll also receive three months of free Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime usually costs $79 year. It gets you free two-day shipping on items sold by Amazon with no minimum.

Amazon Mom members are periodically emailed special savings on baby items. A recent offer, for example, was a coupon code for an extra 10% off toys.

What is subscribe and save?

To buy through Subscribe and Save, select your delivery option and click “Subscribe Now”. You’ll be taken to the sign in page and then the shipping info page. You’ll then set up your payment options. On the order review page you’ll see a place on the right sidebar to enter a promo code. That’s where you’ll type in your Amazon coupon code if you have one or any other coupon code available for your order. This is also the page where you’ll see the extra 30% taken off your total.

*****Don’t want repeat deliveries of the item? No problem. Just go to “Manage Subscribe and Save Items” under “Your Account” and cancel the subscription after the first order ships. If you don't cancel your next shipment will ship at the going rate of the item.

 Have coupon codes?

With Amazon Mom and Subscribe & Save you will receive 30% off diapers, which is great. However, you can also use the one-time use coupon codes that we’ve been seeing in American Baby, Fit PregnancyParents and Parenting magazines. The coupons get you an additional 20% off diapers per code. The coupon codes begin with a letter, most recently ‘Y’.  They are typically on a lime green or yellow coupon(see pic). Fit Pregnancy also reported having a $10 off coupon. In the past, these 20% off coupons have stacked, giving you an additional 20% or 40% off on top of the Subscribe and Save savings...resulting in savings of 50% off or more. Codes are different for every magazine. Some start with YT, some with YJ. In the past, you were able to stack 3 different (YT with YJ) coupon codes per order.

Also, if you are a Swagbucks user and have Amazon credit, you can use your coupon codes as well.

Recent order: (2 20% coupon codes)
Amazon Prime Member
Items: $40.80
Shipping & Handling: $0.00
Subscription Discount -$12.24
Promotion Applied -$8.16
Promotion Applied -$10.00
Your Coupon Savings -$1.50

Order total: $8.90

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