Sunday, March 27, 2011

Patience pays off

Sometimes it pays to be patient.

A month ago we painted a room in our home and I have been on the hunt to find 4 drapery panels for our windows. I wanted a specific shade of green, a certain length, material and grommet top. Spending hours looking online, it was a frustrating task. I ended up purchasing and returning 2 different curtains and was about to just buy the expensive ones from an expensive store in the mall that were just 'okay' and be done with it.

This past weekend I unexpectedly found exactly what I was looking for. The panels were $40 but with a sale and coupon, I was able to get them for $7 each. You can't even make them that cheap! With a a little patience and extra work, I saved BIG and got EXACTLY what I wanted. They turned out perfectly.

Some of the best deals are the ones that find you:)

Has patience worked for you when making a purchase? Have you walked away from something and waited for a better sale?


  1. Just like Dave Ramsey says! What a find, Melissa. Congrats.

  2. That's awesome!! I love deals like that!