Monday, July 18, 2011

Saving Series: Celebrating Christmas on a Budget

Saving Series: Celebrating Christmas on a budget

While it is hot in West Michigan, the calendar indicates that Christmas is a little over 6 months away. Why not start planning NOW for a simple Christmas this year?

During our first year of marriage, I just started a new full time job around Thanksgiving. Life during November and December was a blur. Learning a new job and working full time with odd hours left little time for other responsibilities. Add in Christmas and all the parties, events, etc and it was overwhelming. That Christmas was also stressful on our finances as we did not prepare. Shopping very last minute left me with no selection and higher prices. We didn't have a budget(gasp!) and did not properly prepare for the financial aspect of the holidays. After the holidays, I vowed that I never wanted to "do Christmas" like that again. Over the past 5 years, I've learned several tricks and tips to make the holidays less stressful and in budget.

Join me this week for a saving series geared toward reducing your expenses, increasing your Christmas income, planning and preparation for the Holiday season.

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