Thursday, July 21, 2011

Saving Series: Celebrating Christmas on budget Tip #3 Increase your income

For the past few days we've been discussing how to celebrate Christmas on a budget.

Today, lets talk about ways to increase your Christmas budget income. Simple steps that you take now, can make your budget a reality.

1) Consider a seasonal job- Many stores hire employees temporarily for the holiday season. They may be in need of cashiers, gift wrappers, etc. Most stores hire early, so don't wait until Thanksgiving to apply.

2) Consider doing 'odd jobs'-  Like to babysit? Parents may need extra babysitting help during the holidays. Offer a day of child care so they can shop. Could you tutor? Run errands? There are several small odd jobs that can be done-mow grass, shovel driveway, paper route, etsy shop, deliver phone books, etc.

3) Have a garage sale- Garage sale season still is in full swing. In my experience, fall garage sales seem to be just as profitable as spring sales. Parents are always on the hunt for good quality winter clothes, jackets, toys, baby equipment, etc no matter the season. While a garage sale is work, it is a great way to clean out your house and get cash on hand.

4) Ebay-Ebay is also a great way to get rid of treasures. Before selling on ebay, understand the seller/buyer obligations, fees, understand how to list and ship an item, etc. It may take a while to understand ebay, but its an easy way to get rid of higher quality items at a decent price.

5) Consignment stores-Adult and children's consignment stores will soon be accepting fall and winter clothing. This is an easy way to rid excess and make cash. Be aware of the store policies, consignment fee(typically 50/50) and payment schedules before dropping off your consignments. There are several consignment stores in West Michigan, each with different policies.
-Once Upon a Child (children)
-Clothesline Consignments
-Plato's Closet (teen)
-One Girl's Treasure (woman)
-Georgies (woman)
-Second Time Round Furniture
-Village Kids Consignment (children)
-Savannah Fine consignment(woman)
-Gild the Lilly
-Double Take Resale
-many more!

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