Saturday, October 15, 2011

Aldi 10/16-10/22

Go HERE for the full weekly ad and special buys. Special buy items are available starting on Wednesday of each week.

New to Aldi? Here are a few tips:
  1. Prices vary by region.
  2. You must have a quarter to get a shopping cart; you get it back when you return the cart.
  3. Payment options are only debit cards or cash.
  4. You bag your own groceries and bring your own bags, they have bags for 5¢ at the register.

$0.89 Cabbage each
$0.99 Cauliflower each
$0.99 Red Seedless Grapes, sold in a 2 lb pkg for $1.98
$1.39 Red Potatoes 5 lb bag
$1.59 Pineapple each
$1.49 German Style Sauerkraut, 24 oz
$1.89 Cheese or Mushroom Spaetzle, 4.4-4.6 oz
$1.99 Bavarian Sweet or Mild Mustard with Herbs, 12.3-13.3 oz
$1.99 White Asparagus, 11.5 oz jar
$1.99 Milk or Dark Chocolate Domino Cubes, 8.81 oz
$2.19 Cinnamon Sugar or Original Pretzel Dough, 14.3-16.6
$8.99 Black Forest Smoked Ham, 3 lbs

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